Discover a care community where
you'll feel at home.

Our Mission

“If I were to reach a stage in life when I could no longer take good care of myself, how would I want to live?”

-Nathan Steinmetz, Director

The Woodlands, located in Shaker Heights, is a privately owned senior community that provides a charming, home-like atmosphere. We offer assisted living as well as a peaceful memory care area. We set ourselves apart with a full calendar of engaging activities, furnished and spacious apartments, and delicious daily meal options!

Our values drive that mission.

  • We believe in the timeless imperative to honor and care for elders.
  • We treasure elders for their life experience and wisdom.
  • We strive for continuous learning and improvement.

The care at The Woodlands reflects those values.

Come visit and see the difference for yourself!

About our Owner/CEO

Heritage Retirement Communities Director Nathan Steinmetz knows that respecting older adults’ personal dignity and choice is the cornerstone of quality of life.

He was dismayed to see that senior care had become so commercialized, so he set out to provide residential options where quality care was provided with dignity, choice and privacy

“My standard has always been, ‘Would I want my parents to live in this home?’ If it’s not good enough for my parents, then it’s not good enough for anyone.”

Heritage Retirement Communites meets those high standards. At Heritage residents enjoy safe, comfortable assisted living where staff respects the residents’ dignity and freedom of choice.

Steinmetz has the humility to learn from the residents he serves. “I’m learning something new every day,” he observes. “And our residents and their families are my best teachers.